ÉLEVEY | a Digital Citizenship Company

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ÉLEVEY was founded on the belief that people can come together to make the web, and then the world, a better place. Thank you for being part of this ambitious vision. Our products are designed with you in mind – they’ve been hand-picked to feel and look true to you.

75% of proceeds from every mask donated to anti-cyberbullying Cybersmile Foundation.

ÉLEVEY is about uplifting one another, and putting ourselves into the world as the best digital citizens we can be. Here at ÉLEVEY, our mission is to upgrade the world.
Our foundation

we believe in equality and psychological safety in the online world. we believe in our ability to make a difference in the world.

we believe in lifelong learning and growth. we believe in digital citizens who care about each other and who don't raise themselves up at the expense of others.

we stand up to cyberbullying, combat cyberdependendance and value cybersecurity.


Founded by esports world champion and digital citizenship advocate Stephanie “missharvey” Harvey, ÉLEVEY is a different kind of brand.

ÉLEVEY is a Digital Citizenship Company, rooted in promoting healthy interactions online and in the real world.

The first collection called “rose water” featured unisex tops, masks, hoodies and jackets designed for comfort and functionality. Combining elements of esports culture, pop fashion and art, each garment had been hand-picked as meeting a high standard of quality and design.