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Understanding Intersectionality

Most of you have heard the word “diversity” – the concept that means having a range of people with various racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural ...
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Busting Video Game Myths: Video Games Are Unhealthy 

Video games always have a lot of myths surrounding them. Some people feel strongly against them and others try to find the benefits in them. ...
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How to Talk To Your Kids About Cyberbullying – 3 Things Parents Should Know

Cyberbullying refers to bullying of the digital nature. It  is not very different from the bullying that happens in the school yard.  When someone hurts ...
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Busting Video Game Myths: Video Games are a Waste of Time

It is no surprise that there are many myths surrounding the complex world of video games. Video games are among some of the most misunderstood ...
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Busting Video Game Myths: Women in Gaming

Enough of treating women gamers like a minority. Gender is a hotly contested topic in gaming. There is a lot of noise and vitriol, but ...
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3 Steps You Can Take Today to Make Your Discord Channel More Safe and Inclusive

Since the 1990s, the increasing prevalence of the Internet has made this technological tool central to everyday life and changed how people interact and communicate. ...
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